why we love our freshwater pearls

Created to last

We want you to wear our products for years, and decades, to come. That’s why we source the finest freshwater pearls for our timeless collections. Every piece of our products is carefully handmade by our expert jewellers, as we believe that high quality and timeless design is key to your long lasting favourite pieces.

Our standards are set high

Freshwater Pearls come in a range of qualities. While industry-wide there is no standardized grading for freshwater pearls, we ensure that each pearl meets our high quality standards. Only the best pearls with exceptional lustre, surface and shape are selected to carry our name.

Superb value

Superb value is what sets us apart from the inflated prices you’ll find in the high-street stores. we buy pearls directly from the farms, bypassing all middlemen, meaning that you can have the most luxurious freshwater pearl jewellery for surprisingly little.

Friendly to the environment

We count ourselves lucky to have found pearl farms that produce beautiful freshwater pearls in stunning places, and pearl farmers who understand the value of improving the environment. They go to great lengths to keep the water around their oysters clean by preventing pollution, cyanide fishing and dynamite fishing in their local areas.